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In-House Projects

Project 1:   Conservation, Characterization and utilization of genetic resources of Allium species

V. Mahajan,  A.J. Gupta, Kuldip,  S.J. Gawande,  Ashwini P. Benke, Vanita Salunkhe, S.R. Singh (CITH, Srinagar),  Shabeer Ahmed (NRCG, Pune)

Project 2:   Devising efficient breeding techniques and genetic improvement of onion and garlic through conventional beeding and biotechnological approaches.

A.J. Gupta, V. Mahajan, S. Anandhan, Ashwini P. Benke, Kuldip, Kalyani Gorrepati, D.C.M. Gowda, Pranjali Ghodke

Project 3:   Integrated water and nutrient management and physiological manipulation for improving productivity of onion and garlic.

A. Thangasamy, Y.R. Vishwanath, Kalyani Gorrepati, D.C.M. Gowda, Shabeer Ahmed (NRCG, Pune)

Project 4:   Integrated pest and disease management for minimization of losses and improving productivity of onion and garlic

S.J. Gawande, Vanita Salunkhe, S. Anandhan, V. Karuppaiah

Project 5:   Development and refinement of post harvest handling, storage and processing techniques for minimization of losses and improving productivity of onion and garlic.

Kalyani Gorrepati, Vanita Salunkhe, Pranjali Ghodke

Project 6:   Improving knowledge and skill of stakeholders for improving production of onion and garlic

S. S. Gadge, A. Thangasamy

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