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Cropping System

Cropping Sequence

Onion is a shallow-rooted crop suitable for various cropping patterns including intercropping and sequential cropping, depending upon location, nature of soil and climatic conditions. Onion crop may not utilize all the mineral nutrients applied to soil. The unutilized mineral nutrients may be leached down along with irrigation water or rain water. These unutilized mineral nutrients present in subsoil can be effectively utilized growing deep rooted crops in the succeeding season. Based on the findings of field experiment, legume followed by onion sequence is recommended for higher yield and better utilization of nutrients. Legume based cropping sequences like soybean in Kharif season followed by onion in Rabi season or groundnut in summer season followed by onion in late Kharif season improves soil fertility as well as monetary returns.


Intercropping is the practice of growing two or more crops in proximity. The most common goal of intercropping is to produce a greater yield on a given piece of land by making effective use of resources without affecting the yield of main crop. Onion crop is best suited for intercrop with paired row planting of sugarcane (Nov.-Dec. planting) under drip irrigation system. Ridges and furrows of 90 cm distance need to be prepared for planting sugarcane. Sugarcane sets with single bud need to be planted at 30 cm apart in the bottom of the ridges. After every two rows of sugarcane, flat bed of 180 cm need to be prepared for planting onion crops. Onion seedlings should be planted at time of sugarcane planting. Additional fertilizer nutrients required for onion crop need to be calculated and applied as per requirement. Onion crop can be harvested after 120 DAT. Sugarcane-Onion intercropping system with drip irrigation saves 25-30% water.

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