In-House Projects

 Project 1: Management and utilization of Allium germplasam

PI: Dr. V. Mahajan and co-PIs: Dr. A.J. Gupta, Dr. S.J. Gawande, Dr. Ashwini P. Benke, Dr.S.anandhan, Dr.Kalyani Goreepati, Dr.V. Karuppaiah, Dr.Soumia P.S, Mr.Kuldip, Dr.Pranjali Ghodake, Dr.Geetika Shameer(CITH,Shrinagar), Dr.Shabeer Ahmed(NRCG,Pune) , Dr.Rajiv Kale and Dr.S.S.gadge

 Project 2:   Genetic Improvement of onion and garlic through conventional breeding.

 PI.Dr. A.J. Gupta and co-PIs: Dr. V. Mahajan,Dr. S. Anandhan, Dr.Ashwini P. Benke,Mr. Kuldip, Dr.Kalyani Gorrepati, Dr.S.J.Gawande , Dr.Pranjali Ghodke, Dr.V.karupaiah

 Project 3:   Biotechnological approaches for improvement of onion and garlic

 PI: Dr. S. Anandhan and co-PIs: Mrs.Ashwini Benke,  Mr. Kuldip, Dr.S.J.Gawande and Dr.Pranjali Ghodake

 Project 4:   Natural Resources Management of onion and garlic

 PI: Dr.A Thangasamy  and co-PIs: Dr.Kiran Bhagat , Dr.Pranjalai Ghodke ,Dr. Kalyani Gorrepati , Dr. S.J. Gawande, Dr. V. Karuppaiah, Dr. Soumia PS. ,Dr.Rajiv Kale and Dr. Shabeer Ahmed( NRCG,Pune)  

 Project 5:   Novel approached for integrated pest and disease management in onion and garlic

PI: Dr.S.J.Gawande  and co-PIs: Dr.S Anandhan ,Dr. V. Karuppaiah and Dr.Soumia PS

 Project 6:   Post-harvest Management of Onion and Garlic.

 PI: Dr.Kalyani Goreepati and co-PIs:  Dr.P.S.Soumia , Dr. V karuppaiah , Dr. Rajiv Kale , Dr. S. S. Gadge

 Project 7:   Transfer of Onion  and Garlic Technologies and Impact analysis 

PI: Dr. S.S. Gadge and co-PIs: Dr. Rajiv Kale and Dr. A . Thangsamy