Advisory for the month of April 2019

A. For rabi onion crop ready for harvest

  1. Irrigation should be stopped before 10-15 days of harvesting.
  2. Crop should be harvested after attaining 50% neck fall.
  3. If bolting is observed, the bolted plants should be harvested immediately.
  4. Harvested bulbs may be left in the field for three days for curing which makes bulbs firm and dry and helps in improving shelf life.
  5. After three days of field curing, the tops should be removed leaving 2.0-2.5 cm stalk above the bulbs and bulbs should be shade cured for 10-12 days for better storage.
  6. Onion bulbs should be stored in bottom and side ventilated storage structures.

B. For storage of garlic crop

1. Garlic plants should be graded immediately after harvest and 20-25 plants tied in bundles along with tops.

2. The tops should be divided in three segments and interwoven tightly.

3. Such bundles should be kept in upright position in shed for curing for 15 days. Then the bundles are to be stored in storage structures.

4. Garlic bulbs with leaves should be stored in ventilated storage structure by hanging or in circular heaps tapering towards top.

C. For standing onion seed crop ready for harvest

1. Seed umbels should be harvested when seeds in the umbel turn black.

2. Umbels should be harvested periodically three to four times after maturity.

3. Umbels should be dried in open sun and threshing of seed can be done by rolling or threshing machine.

4. Cleaned seed should be packed in 400 Gauge poly packs after drying to <6% moisture content.